What Is Off The Edge Screen Printing?

Off-the-Edge printing is a kind of printing that needs printing over or covering the hem or seams of the garment so that in some cases only a portion of an image is shown as it trails off the edge of the garment.

Off the edge or over the seams printing is a brand-new experience in the t-shirt printing industry. It’s been popularized through significant clothing manufactures, street wear, surf wear as well as just lately, which includes brand names in the UFC, fight along with wrestling nationalities.

Off the edge printing can be achieved in one of following ways
Print before Manufacturing
Print, Cut and Sew
This is the cleanest along with the best way to do off the edge printing, wherever your own design and style can go through edge to edge. Your design is generally printed on large rolls of fabric first…then cut and sewn together. This requires a large volume to be produced for your order.
Cut, Print and Sew
This is similar to the first option, and it is essentially the most well-liked with screen printers. This is where the actual garment is actually cut into all the pieces required to make the t-shirt, and the panels are then printed… then sewn together.
Print after Manufacturing
Printing Off One Edge or Over a Seam
Because it’s hard to screen print over seams and get a perfect print, without the seam spreading, and distorting the image, especially on the 2nd and 3rd and more prints, this is problematic with most printers. You can actually see “imperfections” or ink build up around the seams, The inks that doesn’t go on the t-shirt (around the edges) can build up on the platen, but also can build up on the screen, where the edge of the shirt is and can cause misprints on subsequent t-shirts.
This technique can result in a slow production time, since a great deal of proper care is necessary to arrange the particular shirt in the appropriate position, watch for build up and making sure the shirt is perfectly flat prior to printing.
All Over Screen Printing
Some specialised screen printing machines have been developed for use with an all over printing, using a giant screen. It’s called Jumbo printing. To print jumbo you need larger equipment, larger screens, platens, squeegees, flash dryer, conveyor dryer, etc.
As mentioned before, this method will produce imperfections in the print. This is because of the movement between the front and back of the t-shirt, smudges and creases around the seams and hems because of the uneven surface of the seams, and the unwanted ink deposits due to ink build up off the edge of the shirt position.
The main problem with this method is that the print will not match up perfectly on each side of every shirt – this is because of the differences in each size of a t-shirt – and this changes how the art will line up on the side seams or from front to back.
In the end, most customers who will request this type of print will have to keep this in mind and to expect that the print will not be matching up perfectly at the sides, and may vary from size to size, and may have imperfection in the printing quality.
This method requires large volume production quantities that are best produced offshore, we pride ourselves on providing a quality service; letting you know, up front, what is possible, how much it will cost and what delivery times will be applicable.
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African Print Tshirts
tshirt printing
Image by rafikithreads
Tshirts made from vibrant african print with Jersey cotton

Allow me take you through the process of designing and printing your very own shirts! I’ve been doing this for quite a while now, and this method has served me well for those designs that aren’t super detailed or technical (using halftones or thin lines).
-T-Shirt (or other cotton garment)
-Embroidery hoop of desired size
-Matte finish Mod Podge
-Painter’s tape
-Paintbrushes (large, medium, and small for more detailed work)
-Organza (found at most fabric stores)
-Screen printing ink (found at most craft stores)
-Squeegee (or other flat object that will serve the same purpose…I’ve used an ice scraper before. Whatever works)
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