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If you are looking for some amusing art work or text printed on your tee shirts for either fun or making a statement about your personality you can check out with tee shirt printing Sydney online services to come up with latest customized designs on your apparel. All you need is to choose the quality tee shirts available online and select a design or text that you wanted to be printed on any portion of the tee shirt that shall be done using the latest digital printing options and technology.

You can select the tee shirts that are available on the site in different sizes, styles and colors and then pick up the designs that you wanted to be printed on the customized tee shirts. These shirts can also be ordered in bulk to suit for different occasions like events, bands, family reunions, promotions, businesses etc where everyone wears the same tee shirts with the intended message printed on them.

For the tee shirt printing Sydney services you can check out the design categories that are offered by the company like animals, arts and culture, celebrations, humor, food, plants and many more as there is no limit to creative options for the tee shirt printing. You can also check out for other texts or images of your choice and upload them to the company offering these services for the printing process. The online designer tools on the tee shirt printing Sydney companies allow you to pick up the images available or upload your favorite images and can then edit those using different colors, textures and patterns mixing images and text to bring out a unique design on your tee shirt.

You can also choose where you want to have the printing to be done on the tee shirts either on the front or back or also in the middle or the lower area of the apparel. You are also informed regarding the supported file types for uploading the images and the optimum size suitable for printing on the tee shirts. Different types of special effects can also be added in the printing process to make your tee shirts unique from those available in the market.

However there are no minimum required for ordering your printing on the tee shirts and shall be delivered within 7 days to your doorstep. We also offer same day printing and delivery if requested in the most competitive prices available in Sydney. So try out our services and enjoy having funny images or messages on your tee shirt for a unique look.

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Tshirts Cyanotype
tshirt printing
Image by slyae33

CYANOTYPE/ 1842 John Frederick William Herschel.

Cyanotype Produits / Ferricyanure de potassium 12G /100ML d’eau
Citrate de fer ammoniacal vert 25G /100ML d’eau
Mélanger les 2 solutions 50/50 (mélange environ15ml de chaque pour 5 tshirts)
Garder les solutions a l’abri de la lumière
Fournisseur/ WWW.DISACTIS.COM 25 E les 2 produits(100gr*2)
Document à consulter concernant les conduites à tenir et les dangers des chimies utilisées en Photographie par les Procédés Anciens.

TSHIRTS/Appliquer au pinceau le mélange sur la surface à exposer à l’abri de la lumière,
mettre un carton dans le tshirt pour éviter le contact de la solution sur l’autre face du tshirt.
Faire sécher le tshirt a l’abri de la lumière.

FILM TRANSFERT/ Photos ou Logos

SOLEIL OU LAMPE UV/Disposer le film transparent sur le tshirt sec, scotcher le film pour ne pas qu’il se deplace lors de l’exposition(10min/15min).Laver le tshirt pour faire disparaitre le restant de solution jaune non exposé.

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