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The Cheapest Tshirt Printing Company in Birmingham.

Exactly where is the cheapest Tshirt Printing Shop in Birmingham? Read more… If you are looking for the best, cheapest Tshirt printing company in Brum to source company workwear, sports kits, school uniforms, promotional goods, Stag do Tshirts, Hen Weekend tops and the like, then you’ve just found it.

So many customers ask us “Can you do us a deal?’ We are always happy to oblige and there are several variables that affect the price you will pay for your T Shirts.

The first thing to consider is the Tshirt quality. We never use the really cheap Tshirts as we want you to tell all of your networks about us. We do offer a selection of different quality garments to match every budget

How many you need is another. If you buy large quantities the price per Tshirt will decrease. We never turn away single orders so we do not have a minimum order.

To keep the price low, use basic designs, text and or logos. We produce each Tshirt one by one by hand. So the designs that prove easy to produce are always cheapest

If you want to check on anything at all then please just contact our design technicians who will be able to give you some great advice, here are some basic rules to follow…

Please use just block colour, depending on the method of printing the more colours you have the more money you’ll spend. Feel free to send us any artwork you have.

Keep your design in one place, the more places that you embellish, the more expensive your “cheap” Tshirt will become

Size of logo, the smaller the logo the cheaper the cost. Keep it simple if you can.

The final variable that dictates how much of a bargain Tshirt you’ll get is timing. At the moment we are rushed off our feet, but at certain times we are not so busy so can be more flexible with prices. Christmas and the lead up to summer holidays are really busy times for us. The best thing to do is call our us on 0871 595 5050 or even better 07878 156 010 and we’ll let you how much we’ve got on and how cheap your tshirts will be.

Looking to find the best deal on cheap tshirtprinting in Birmingham , then visit www.workwearprintingbirmingham.co.uk to find the best advice on hoodie printing birmingham for you.

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